#1: current-software: Doesn't run on old Hardware

version: currrent

severity: normal

All current software I want to run on my i486DX Laptop simply doesn’t run on it. Doesn’t matter if I want to run the newest web browser or the latest word processor. If I try to start it the computer hangs or the software doesn’t start at all.

You can easily reproduce this bug by taking any old computer with a processor below to Pentium II and with lower RAM than 64 MB and try to install the newest software on it.

As a consequence my Laptop is quite useless. There is still a huge amount of machines with a similar hardware configuration. In the so-called Third World they simply can’t afford to buy hardware that runs the newest software. There is a connection between the software and the hardware industry. Software is becoming more and more bloated, and the hardware industry produces more and more powerful computers to compensate. And the software industry thinks, they must exhaust the faster hardware even more and bloat their software even more. The vicious circle is born.

This is a bug, which DeLi Linux is designed to fix. Some people are talking about a “100-Dollar-Laptop” now. We are talking about the “20-Dollar-Laptop” you can get from ebay.

This Bug ist inspired by Ubuntu's Bug #1.

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