deli:setup doesn t detect cd

Date:2007/05/06 20:59


severity: critical

After creating 2 partitions (1 swap, 1 normal), running setup, going through the keyboard, partition and confirmation screens the setup program says that it’s going to search for the installation CD (wich it already booted successfully from) to copy “delibase.tgz” (wich IS on the CD). I then select yes when it asks whether it should scan for a CD-ROM drive - and then fails the scan (and continues scanning on LPT etc), prompting me for the device (eg C:\ E:\ D:\ etc). I entered D:\, /hdb/ , and other drive names a few times but noting works. As mentioned it already booted from this CD-ROM drive (but the setup program fails to recognize the CD?)

Computer specs:

  • 486 dx
  • 8 MB RAM
  • hd 3243 Mb
  • CD-ROM drive:
    • waitec 2444ei
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