#2:util-linux:column -t makes no columns

version: 2.12r-1

severity: normal

column -t makes no columns at all. To reproduce, try this:

[deli@deli:/home/deli]#  echo "1 2 3"|column -t

But it should look like this (on a glibc system - Slackware-current):

henry@edv1:/home/henry$  echo "1 2 3"|column -t
1  2  3

Hint: I can reproduce this bug on two other uClibc-based systems: ugentoo and ucrux.


The problem is, that util-linux doesn’t like uClibc’s implementation of widechar. So I removed the #define ENABLE_WIDECHAR line in defines.h created by configure.

An update of util-linux is available, 2.12r-2

Henry Jensen 2006/09/28 22:47

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