First steps after installation

This article should list the first steps to do after DeLi Linux is installed. Think of it as a starting point for novice users.

Installing applications

If you performed a netinstall or wish to install more packages than the base selection you can use the command deliget. ‘deliget showlist’ will list all the available packages and ‘deliget install PackageName’ will install any package you want.

Configure the X-Window system (the GUI)

Configure Tiny X

The easisest way to setup X is to use the tiny-xserver

  • Boot into DeLi Linux and log in as root.
  • start delisetup
  • choose Setup Tiny X Server

  • Acknowledge the hint about Xorg
  • Choose a appropiate X server. Xvesa should work in most cases

  • Select a video mode. The mode are listet as hex number with width x height x color depth. 1024x768x16 means a resolution of 1024×768 with a color depth of 16 bit (65536 colors). Consult the manual of your monitor if you are not sure what resolutions your monitor can handle.

  • Exit delisetup
  • Log in as the user you normally work as
  • Run xwmconfig
  • Choose a window manager. Ice WM is recommended.

  • Type startx
  • That’s it. X should be up and running now.

Configure network

Today most computers are connected to a network and/or the Internet. Because of this networking setup is essential.

Setup with a connection to a local network or a router

If your computer is connected to a router and/or a local network it is possible that a DHCP server is running and the computer will get its IP address automatically.

  • As root run delisetup and choose Setup local network

  • Acknowledge the following message
  • Enter the hostname. This is the name of your computer. Choose any name you like.

  • Now enter the domain name. If you are connected to a local network ask your system administrator. Otherwise choose the appropriate domain name. If your computer is behind a router at home choose a random one with a top level domain that doesn’t exist in the internet. I suggest .local as top level domain.

  • If you want to get the IP address automatically choose DHCP in the next window

  • If you haven’t setup your network card already choose probe to detect the card automatically.
  • Acknowledge the card that has been found. Network setup is finished now.
  • You are now back in the main delisetup screen. Choose Setup the services to runs at boot
  • Select at least net

  • Quit delisetup
  • Back at the console run /etc/rc.d/net start
  • The network should be up and running now. Try to ping a site or open up the web browser and surf the web
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