Notes and hints for Deli Linux 0.7.2

How can I update from 0.7.1?

See upgrade

Where is dillo, siag office, firefox etc.?

Since I want to keep the ISO small some packages have been excluded from the standard ISO. But you can get them from the net with deliget. Run deliget update to get a list of available packages. Then deliget install package-name to install. A network connection for this is required.

How can I install addidtional software which is not available in Deli?

Learn about the ports system here. Then go to, search for a port for the desired software, execute the mentioned rsync or httpup command and then build the package.

Where are the sources?

The sources are available through DeLi’s ports system (see above). The DeLi Linux Tools (delisetup and others) are shell scripts, so they are already open source, with one exception. The installation uses the program delimenu which is a modified replimenu. You can get the modified sources here

Konq-E sucks. Are there other browsers available?

Konq-E (aka Konqueror/Embedded) supports CSS and javascript. Because this is still kind of experimental there may be some cases where Konq-E hangs or doesn’t display a site right.

  • First try to disable javascript - File - Preferences - Network - disable Enable Javascript
  • If that doesn’t work you might want to try another browser.
  • If you have 32 MB RAM or more you can try Firefox. At the console become root and run
deliget install glib2
deliget install libidl
deliget install firefox-
  • If you have not so much RAM you may want to switch to dillo. As root run deliget install dillo in this case.

gnumeric complains about a missing fontmap2 file

See the bugreport fontmap2_not_found to read how to fix this.

Does DeliLinux contain ndiswrapper?

No, not yet - see this forum posting: /forum/topic.php?post=571#post571

NDiswrapper is a dirty hack to load use Windows drivers in Linux. I strongly recommend to use wifi cards for which native Linux drivers are available, such as cards with Chipsets from RaLink, ZyDAS, Orinoco and others.

If you insist to use NDisrapper then read the following:

NDiswrapper depends on GCC 3.4, DeLi has version 3.3.6. However, the latest version of NDiswrapper which builds on DeLi Linux is 1.14. You can find a package in the nx repository

OK, you convinced me. For which wifi cards are free and native drivers available?

The Free Software Foundation has put together a list with wifi cards for which free drivers are available, see

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