Henry Jensen 2008/01/22 11:16

I started now my own blog (in german language) which will be focussed on my job as sysadmin. This will contain Notes about Linux in general and other stuff. You can visit it at http://systemadministrator.blog.de/

Henry Jensen 2007/08/11 22:30

Today I got surprised by a commercial on turkish television (which I can receive at home in Germany). It was a commercial from myShop. They offer a computer with Linux which, they say, is “cok kolay” (”very easy”). More and more companys are offering desktop computers and notebooks with Linux, but this was the first time I actually saw a commercial for a Linux PC for end users on television.

Henry Jensen 2007/07/01 16:34

The next two weeks I will be in Turkey, so I will not be much around and can’t give support on the forum or or otherwise.

Henry Jensen 2007/06/14 18:15

Translations are coming forward. We have now english, german, french, spanish and galician web site. Portuguese and turkish should follow soon. The DeLi Linux Community, so it seems, is growing. I discovered just a few days ago, that DeLi was at the Cover DVD of “Linux Format” of December 2006, a Linux magazine in UK. By the end of this month, so I’m told, DeLi will be featured in the german magazine “Chip Linux”. At Distrowatch DeLi is at position 79 in the 6-month-view (not that this says anything). And support questions are filling the forum constantly. If I wanted I could give support and develop DeLi all day, but remember, I still do this in my free time and I must earn money with other things :). So I begin to think about how to open the DeLi development process more than it is now. We need translators, testers, developers (developers, developers ... oh no, I sound like Steve Ballmer:)) and documentation writers.

The other thing that I think about is how not to raise the 16-MB-Barrier. Even if we use mobile environments like GPE or maemo in future versions, the minimum requirement will be 32 MB RAM for graphical applications.

Henry Jensen 2007/06/03 13:43

The last days I was at Linuxtag in Berlin. Interesting conference, mostly nice people. Had an Intervew with “RadioTux” and met a bunch of new persons. As for DeLi: it gave me some new Input for 0.8 which I will try out and test.

Henry Jensen 2007/05/15 09:09

Work on DeLi 0.7.2 is underway. The most important change will be that DeLi will have a new default web browser based on Konqueror. DeLi 0.7.2 will be released at the end of this month.

Henry Jensen 2007/03/13 09:35

Sorry that I haven’t done anything for DeLi recently. As I told before I have a new job since January. The job is fun and I have more time to spent with my family now. But this also means I have not so much time for DeLi.

Anyway, I’ll get DSL at home in about two weeks and then, I hope, I will update the ports and begin work on DeLi 0.7.2, which will be a maintenance release with few more features. I plan to release 0.7.2 right before Linuxtag in Berlin begins - see http://www.linuxtag.org/2007/.

I’ll be at Linuxtag, but I’ll not participate at the exhibition. But I’m willling to spent some CDs with DeLi Linux. So, if a free project is willing to spread DeLi Linux at Linuxtag - additionally to their own project - please mail me.

Henry Jensen 2006/12/23

To all who read this: I wish you a merry christmas, a happy new year and Kurban bayrami kutlu olsun.

Henry Jensen 2006/12/12 10:37

I tested Firefox 2 under DeLi now. It builds. But what is really shocking is this:

RAM Usage with Firefox 1.5.0.x:

total    24336K

Firefox 2:

 total    33764K

Both showing the google start page only.

From version 1.5 to 2.0 Firefox uses almost 10 MB more RAM. Are the mozilla developers nuts?

Henry Jensen 2006/12/07 02:51

Well, I have been thinking about that naming thing and I received some input from users. Some points are:

But the most important argument is

Thinking of this, I revoke my last announcement. The name of the system will still be the same as before: “DeLi Linux”. But it’s allright if you want say “DeLi GNU/Linux” or just “DeLi”.

That doesn’t mean, that I do not acknowledge the work of GNU, and DeLi will still include some important parts of GNU, e. g. gcc.

Sorry for the confusion, folks.

Henry Jensen 2006/11/21 07:22

I’ve decided to rename “DeLi Linux” to “DeLi GNU/Linux“. You can read the reasons for this on the front page. So, the correct names for the Distribution will be “Desktop Light GNU/Linux”, “DeLi GNU/Linux” or, just “DeLi”.

For practical reasons, the name “DeLi Linux” will be maintained in some places, e. g. in the domain name “delilinux.de”

Why the sudden change? Well, I realized, that many GNU/Linux Users still think of their system as “Linux”, some have never heard of GNU, although they work with it every day. Some think of it of just being “open source”. They don’t cherish the freedom that the GPL gives to them.

But the the last straw was the lately treaty between Novell and Microsoft. According to the treaty Novell will pay Microsoft some money and vice versa and MS will support Novell’s SLES to some point. That’s okay. But MS says now, that Novell pays money to MS, because “Linux violates our rights by using our intellectual property”. And further, that only Novell users will be protected from impeachments by MS. Novell denys that the treaty’s meaning was like this, but clearly, MS sees the treaty this way.

So, in my view, Novell betrayed the whole GNU/Linux community and all other GNU/Linux users just to gain some small profit. They show that they do not understand the meaning of free software at all.

Henry Jensen 2006/11/08 19:43

I’m back now in south Germany. A lot has happened in the last two weeks. I found a new job near to my home and will say bye-bye to Swabia by the end of this year.

Henry Jensen 2006/10/19 20:19

Now that DeLi Linux 0.7.1 is out I will go home to my family for two weeks (most of the time I am in South Germany, where I work).

I only will take my DeLi Laptop (yes, the 486) with me, besides that I have no other computer there. I know, there must be an old 28kbit PCMCIA Modem somewhere there too. This means I will check my mail only erratically (if I can get this modem to work :-))

Henry Jensen 2006/10/12 04:08

I’ve still have trouble finding a good spreadsheet for DeLi. Would it hurt, if DeLi will come without one? Personally I can’t remember using a spreadsheet since my “Office for dummies” course =)

I tested gtk2 under DeLi. See for yourself:

sylpheed1 with gtk1:

pmap `pidof sylpheed`|tail -1
total     7632K

sylpheed2 with gtk2:

pmap `pidof sylpheed`|tail -1
total     12472K

This means, sylpheed2 with gtk2 eats almost 5 MB more memory than sylpheed1. If you have 256 MB RAM or more you will say ‘so what?’. But if you have only 16 or 32 MB 5 Megabytes RAM means a lot.

Henry Jensen 2006/10/09 00:33

I just ran firefox on my i486 Laptop (the one I use to test DeLi). It took 26 minutes to start firefox and show the start page and another approx. five minutes to switch to another site. See for yourself:


Suffice it to say that 16 MB are hardly enogh to run firefox. You should at least have 32 MB RAM as the absolute minimum. (The firefox homepage says it should be 64 MB at last). But: it took TestGtkEmbed (a gtk widget which comes with FireFox und embeds Gecko) only 1 minute to start up on the i486. So, if there would be a lightweight web browser with a bare-bones Gecko engine, this would be the perfect browser for DeLi.

I’m think I will replace SiagOffice in the next version of DeLi Linux. Siag Office is hardly “state of the art” and as such not very usable. Its only advantage is, that its not ressource hungry.

Ted is a little bit more usable, but not much because of its non-standard layout.

So I experimented with AbiWord - the GTK 1 version of course. The results are promising. It took 37 seconds for AbiWord to start up on my i486. Since OpenOffice.org takes about 30 seconds to start up on fast state-of-the-art computers this result is absolute acceptable. It wasn’t easy to build AbiWord, because the 1.0.x series doesn’t build with gcc 3.3.x. THen I discovered that there is a 1.0.7 which isn’t very widespread, but this version finally build.

So, we will get rid of Siag Office, which was the standard office package in DeLi since version 0.1. AbiWord will make a really good word processor. The only thing is, that DeLi will have no spreadsheet program when I remove Siag Office. I tried oleo, but this thing won’t build - besides , it is very outdated. And gnumeric uses gnome libraries.

Henry Jensen 2006/10/07 23:29

Well, the release of DeLi 0.7.1 is coming closer. As far as I can tell the new install floppys are working. Also fixed a very nasty bug in locale setup. If you export LANG=xx, many programs (espacially such with xft support) will display nothing or fail to start at all. The correct form is export LANG=xx_XX. But I’m still stunned that the setting of an environment variable can break programs in such a manner.

I experiment with replacements for dillo - since the guys from dillo dev won’t release further code until they get some money from companies. It may be justified to expect money for this, but hey, where is the open source spirit, the “just for fun” thought? Somehow I fail to understand this. If they don’t get money, they won’t release source code. But if this happens, other projects will come up, and dillo will be forgotten in a few years.

Nevertheless, it seems, that small and lightweight browsers are still a niche market. I experimented with Amaya under Deli, but this thing uses more memory than firefox and its performance is very poor.

Then there is hv3 which is based on tktcl and tkhtml. Very impressive, only about 10% more memory usage then dillo, and it can render CSS. But - and this is the main disadvantage - it is terrible slow. And it’s alpha, which means, it crashed a little too often for my taste. But if it develops, it can be a replacement for dillo.

Furthermore I still look for other lightweight applications. When I search freshmeat there are lot of application, but when you read the requirements ... Java, GTK2, QT ... this is not lightweight at all. What are programmers thinking, when they announce a “small, lightweight” application, and as Widget set they use QT or GTK2? If they only would use FOX or FLTK .... not to mention the bare Xlibs or Athena (Xaw) - they may be a little ugly, but at least they don’t eat your memory in such way as the so-called modern widget sets.

Henry Jensen 2006/10/04 07:07

Created a set of installations disks. Tested the network install via nullmodem cable in VMWare (You have to add a serial port to the VM and connect it to a “named pipe”). It works:-)

Henry Jensen 2006/10/02 11:43

GIF is now completely free of patents. Cool, now I can distribute animated GIF‘s with DeLi :-D

Henry Jensen 2006/10/02 01:04

Well, this is my first blog entry =) I think, DeLi is developing. Today I released the the ports tree to checkout by users per httpup.

More important, I bought some more webspace. The old account had 50 MB, which was enough, but only 4 GB Traffic per month, which could be narrow in imes of new releases. The new webspace provides 300 MB and 30 GB traffic, which should be enough for some time (I hope).

The domain delilinux.de is still at the old ISP and will remain there. It’s redirected to the new web space with HTTP header redirect. This way is much more flexible than transfering the domain from one webspace account to another as soons as a problem with the ISP arises.

Yesterday was my 10th wedding anniversary. I couldn’t be home ‘cause I had to work. My employment is about 600 km from home, so I can’t go home after work ... My wife was sad because of this - me too (of course).

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